Introducing new Platform Packages and Pricing Model

Dear DataSnipper customers,

DataSnipper is on a mission to make every Audit and Finance professional in the world more successful and impactful. Since 2017, we have experienced rapid growth, with our solutions transforming daily work for more than 500,000 professionals worldwide. We are proud and humbled to work side-by-side in this collaborative journey. As part of this growth, we have scaled as a company and invested heavily in providing quality, innovation, and security to support these developments. To continue to deliver on this promise, we are making changes to our pricing model and overall product packaging lineup, including exciting new platform features that come along with them.

Introducing new Platform Packages
From 1st May 2023, DataSnipper will be offering three platform packages: Basic, Professional, and Enterprise. With Basic offering essential automation and documentation tools for smaller teams; Professional and Enterprise allow organizations the flexibility to utilize the platform at a larger scale. Built with advanced options, analytics, and access to our full suite of automation tools, you will experience the value of the DataSnipper platform across a variety of use cases and teams.

New Professional and Enterprise features
To further empower our Enterprise customers, we have created our most advanced package, equipped with new features and services that enable standardization and collaboration within the platform. Dedicated to continuous innovation, we are already rolling out new features with the Enterprise package, launching External Guest Access, Advanced Reporting, and Company Templates, the start of many exciting new additions. All boasting powerful levels of automation, varying in features, team size and support services. This variety allows us to better equip you and your team with everything you need to save you even more time and increase the quality of your work with DataSnipper, whatever your size, industry, or goals.

New pricing model
In addition to these new packages, we will be updating our pricing model, which may lead to an increase in subscription costs for some customers. We do not take the decision to increase prices lightly, valuing transparency we want to be upfront about our growing costs and goals as a company. These updates allow us to invest more resources into research and development, staying ahead of advancements in automation technology to bring you the latest solutions possible. Excitedly, this also allows us to expand on our world-class support services and training, as well as continuously safeguard your data and prove uninterrupted secure access to our tools.

So what does this mean for you?
We understand that every organization and team has unique needs. In order to provide a tailored approach, your Customer Success Manager will personally reach out to you with a suitable proposal. As the increase will start from your new contract, we will be in touch with you before your current contract ends to discuss your plan and new price. If you have any immediate concerns or questions, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

As DataSnipper continues to grow, we want to thank you for your continued support. We are excited about the future of DataSnipper and our dedication to bring you impactful solutions.

With warm regards,

Maarten Alblas, Founder
Jonas Ruyter, Founder
Kai Bakker, Founder