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Lack of online collaboration and traceable documentation leads to information silos and extended turnaround times. Cloud Collaboration Suite provides a comprehensive solution for collaboration, compliance, and data management, accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Experience DataSnipper, now on Excel Online

Optimize your teamwork. Work, share, and access documents via your browser.​

Work on your browser

Open doors to optimal collaboration. You and your team can now work on DataSnipper Excel Online via the browser, even from Mac devices.

Save workpapers online

Work on the go! DataSnipper Excel Online saves your workpaper and its cross-referenced source documents on the cloud for instant access.

Share effortlessly

Just send a ‘Share’ link, and allow DataSnipper users to collaborate on your workbook that includes Snips and cross-referenced evidence.

The power of Snips, directly on your browser

With WebSnip, leverage the Snipping toolbar to extract and validate data directly from webpages into Excel Desktop

Snip from webpages instantly!
Use the Snipping features - Text Snip, Validation Snip, Exception Snip, Sum Snips, and Table Snip to capture data from any webpage instantly.

Make data-capturing traceable
Your Snips are exported alongside a screenshot of the webpage, timestamp and correspondent URL directly to your Excel Desktop. Ensure credibility!

Delivering value for audit and finance professionals worldwide


Boost collaboration by breaking down communication silos


Ensure transparency and credibility with cross-referenced source evidence


Efficient workflows with instant access to your workbooks anywhere, anytime

Ready to snip?
Learn how you can achieve greater efficiency, productivity, and effectively mitigate risks across your organization.