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Integrate the DataSnipper platform in your current tooling landscape and workflows to automate document referencing

Your tools lack automated document references

Audit firms have solutions and workflows in place to perform automated procedures. One major problem remains. Auditors need to review if the automation ran adequately by looking up, opening and validating client documents. Valuable time is wasted in this manual referencing process.

The new integrations feature is a game-changer for DataSnipper. It offers a seamless interaction between traditional tech solutions and DataSnipper functionality. This has unlocked new and exciting automations for my team, while also amplifying the user experience. Thank you DataSnipper!

Roger Wyllie, PwC

Manual review work

Reviewers lack automated references and waste valuable time by manually looking up, opening and reviewing client documents

Costly internal projects

Audit firms invest a lot of time and resources by creating expensive user interfaces to efficiently review automated test procedures

Internal tools adoption rate

Internal automation projects fail due to low user adoption rates. Custom solutions are lacking usability or need deep knowledge

Your tools. Our intelligence.

DataSnipper integrates with your current solutions like ABBY, Alteryx, UIPath or any other internal automation project. DataSnipper will enrich the output of these solutions with automatic references in Excel that pin-point directly to the corresponding client document, like invoices, bank statements and meeting minutes.

Easy integration

Easily integrate DataSnipper in your source code or low code applications like Alteryx or UiPath

Automated references

Automatically add document references by leveraging DataSnippers intelligence and user interface in Excel

Boost efficiency

Speed up your reviewing process. Say goodbye to manually looking up, opening and validating documents.

Used by global leaders

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