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Noah Segers
Senior Associate

My name is Noah Segers and I am a Senior Associate in the audit practice of PwC Belgium. I have my roots in the PwC Brussels office and work with a wide variety of clients going from smaller software development companies to some of the largest FMCG multinationals headquartered in Belgium. For me personally, audit represents teamwork, as there is no greater feeling than crossing the finish line shoulder to shoulder and reaching the reporting deadline as a united front. Furthermore, I have always had a soft spot for collaborating with our internal digital tool development team by providing audit technical support and booking tremendous efficiency and quality gains together.

What is the biggest challenge in audit transformation you recently faced?

As an auditor, I am intrigued by the rapid pace at which our audit profession is evolving thanks to recent digital evolutions. The stories I hear from more experienced colleagues about endless paper binders and crashing printers tend to feel like they originate from a different era, while it was merely five years ago. 

In order to capitalize on the ultimate marriage between the audit profession and the digital transformation evolutions, our audit practice should remain focused on digital up-skilling. 

The real stars in the digital transformation of the financial audit scene seem to be those evolutions that are consistently adding value in terms of audit quality in a pragmatic and accessible manner.

And how did you solve this challenge efficiently?

At PwC, we continuously expand the digital toolbox for our auditors. Next to the fancy Alteryx workflows and PowerBI dashboards, the auditor’s swiss army knife called Datasnipper fits in perfectly.

Datasnipper really hits a sweet spot in terms of improving the transparency of documentation and accessibility to all layers of the firm. After using Datasnipper for over a year, I keep on pitching it as an easy-to-master tool with endless possibilities. The potential stretches way beyond the typical test of details, as you should consider the review of contracts, legal letters, financial statement tie-outs and many more.

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