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Perform your reviews faster and have time to focus on critical findings, mitigate risks, and be more compliant.

So, what's the big deal?

Quality and efficiency

Managers waste too much time reviewing audit and finance procedures, having less time to focus on critical findings.

Improve collaboration

Managers need to encourage teams to collaborate in a centralized workspace by optimizing their tech toolkits.

Regulator demands

Managers are challenged to meet increasing regulatory demands while simultaneously increasing quality and efficiency

How we help managers

When in need of a sidekick, DataSnipper is here to help. The flexibility and ease of use of the DataSnipper allow a fast implementation to your firm’s tech toolkit.

Improve efficiency with automation

DataSnipper reduces your manual repetitive task and enables efficient execution of audit and finance procedures. The product's flexibility embraces the way you like to work and increases your efficiency through automation; finance and audit teams can start their procedures within minutes.

Automated tickmarks and easy commenting

Having DataSnipper as a tab in Excel allows managers to perform quick and easy reviews. Cross-referencing evidence directly in Excel allows to trace financial procedures from start to finish. Managers can easily refer back to the reference by clicking on the cells with snips, cutting down on review minutes.

Adopt intuitive tools to optimize work processes

DataSnipper runs in Excel and is therefore easily embraced by any audit and finance professional. The DataSnipper User Interface is extremely simple and intuitive; finance and audit teams can start their financial procedures within minutes.

All platform features

Value for managers

Empower your finance and audit teams with an intuitive automation platform to maximize efficiency and increase the quality of documentation.

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Automate repetitive and manual tasks, while relying on your professional judgment with a purpose-built automation platform.


Audit and finance procedures are traceable from start to finish in a standardized way, improving the overall quality.


Foster a culture of innovation by implementing advanced automation tools to reduce staff workload.

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