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Use DataSnipper to pinpoint and extract specific data for your client reports

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Easily extract information from complex documentation and automatically match it with data from source documents - all within one Excel workbook. Prepare accurate and cross-referenced summary reports for your clients using DataSnipper.

Easily review contracts and agreements

Pinpoint specific information accurately and extract them from lengthy contracts and agreements into your Excel Workbook. Leverage DataSnipper’s text recognition to search, locate and extract data from all documents efficiently.

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Tabular data extraction

Extract large tabular data from extensive agreements with Table Snip. Data is presented in your Excel Workbook while replicating its original structure from the source document. Extract parts of the table, or the entirety of it, depending on your needs.

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Any team can benefit from DataSnipper.

External Audit

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Internal Audit

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Financial Control

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Government Audit

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