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Tabular Reviews

Use DataSnipper to extract and inspect large volumes of complex tabular data

How we help

Extract large volumes of complex tabular information directly into the Excel workbook. Use Table Snip to replicate a tables’ original structure from the source document. Efficiently prepare accurate and cross referenced summary reports for your clients using DataSnipper.

Organize large document volumes

Use the Document Organizer to add, sort and organize supporting documentation into relevant files for later ease of review. Avoid losing critical evidence, and increase efficiency and the quality of your documentation.

Leverage OCR for efficiency

Efficiently read data from all types of documents - even scanned and handwritten. DataSnipper’s OCR technology can easily detect and extract vast tabular data from documents without having to manually type them, saving a significant amount of time.

Extract tabular data effortlessly

Extract tables directly into your Excel workbook at scale with Table Snip. DataSnipper also allows you edit the rows and columns the way you’d like. All the data is extracted in its original format, making it cohesive and usable for remaining procedures.

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