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What drives us

It’s our mission to deliver intelligent automation with effortless data validation​

Our Roots

Data is here. Created every second. Faster and faster. To trust the data we are served, we need to validate what we observe. The only way to do this effortlessly is by putting this data in the context of its source. Like a map - that shows you the trail. When you can trust the data, you can make better decisions faster.

We envision a world of connected data that unlocks people's full potential.

DataSnipper was brought to life by a conversation the founders had with auditors, who were overwhelmed by repetitive manual work. They were inspired to build software that would automate manual data validation for audit and finance teams with intelligent automation directly in Excel.

DataSnipper serves hundreds of thousands of audit and finance professionals in 125 countries, including Deloitte, KPMG, PwC and Ernst and Young.  

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Active users across 125 countries


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One mission, one team

Empowering audit and finance teams across the globe

What we stand for

Value for team contributors

As we grow, we push ourselves to new heights, where it becomes more important to clearly define who we are and how we roll

Our Culture

We Empower Audit and Finance Teams

We Rise to the Challenge

We Adventure Together

We Keep Things Simple

1% for the Planet 🌲

We believe it is our responsibility to protect our environment and raise awareness to be more environmentally conscious. To fulfil our mission as a company, we are proud to announce our partnership with 1% for the Planet. DataSnipper is committed to giving 1% of the annual revenue directly to non-profit organizations, whose focus is to help an environmental cause.

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