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Financial Control

Equip and upskill your financial controllers with the intelligent automation platform. Boost productivity and gain efficiency in your financial procedures.

How we help

Use DataSnipper to easily automate and document, invoice processing, contract reviews, reconciling financial documents, and preparing financial statements. Have more time to validate your financial procedures, meet regulatory demands, and be more compliant.

Automate your invoice processing

Automatically match your sample data with large amounts of invoices directly in Excel. Instantly create, save, and share your extraction template for future use, boosting standardization and repeatability.

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Easily scope and review contracts

Leverage OCR-based technology and smart search functionality to easily identify and extract information from documents. Eliminate manual typing and errors while cutting down on review minutes.

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Efficiently reconcile financial documents

Automatically inspect and reconcile supporting evidence to your sample data to verify the accuracy of entries. Eliminate repetitive and manual tasks; have more time to investigate and resolve any discrepancies.

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Seamlessly validate financial statements

Efficiently prepare your reporting requirements and review financial statements with DataSnipper. With cross-referencing, create easy-to-review reports to present your inspections, strengthening the quality of your documentation.

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Any team can benefit from DataSnipper.

External Audit

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Internal Audit

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Government Audit

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