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Preparing Financial Statements

Use DataSnipper to efficiently prepare for your reporting requirements and financial statements.

How we help

Introducing the next-generation tick & tie. Prepare easy-to-review financial statements with transparent cross-referencing and comments.

Automatically verify financial statements and reports

Easily verify the mathematical accuracy, prior-year consistency, and internal consistency of the figures in the financial statements. DataSnipper analyzes the document for you and adds suggestions for valid totals and errors. Review the totals and mark them as validated.

Drive consistency with Custom Tickmarks

Create custom tickmarks to strengthen your documentation and conform to your organization’s documentation standards. Set default tickmarks at an organizational level and effectively document findings.

Be sharp on changes with Version Comparison

DataSnipper highlights every change between two versions of financial statements. You can export the findings to your Excel workbook as Snips and easily compare versions to confirm changes.

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