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DataSnipper Platform

Simple, Flexible, Intuitive

The Excel Add-in that streamlines your work processes, embraces the way you like to work, and helps you reach your deadlines faster.



Collaborate in real-time with your team and synchronize Snips within the same workbook. Eliminate the need for time-consuming communication loops, and enable easy alignment and effective collaboration with relevant stakeholders.

Platform features

Automatically extract and cross-reference supporting documentation to your sample data, increasing the quality of your work processes.


Cross-reference Excel data to supporting document. The referenced files are stored in the workbook, allowing for a simple and efficient documentation of audit and finance procedures.

Automatic Text Recognition

Text Recognition recognizes text on scans and images, including handwriting. It allows to search and extract text on all languages (English to Korean). No need to copy paste anything.

Document Organizer

One-stop-shop for your supporting documents. Easily import, segment, and maintain your documents into folders in an organized manner.

Form Extraction

Automatically extract data from documents with the same layout.

Extract at scale
Simply Snip all data fields from one document and DataSnipper applies the same logic to other documents. It's like a robot that multiplies your efforts.

Increase efficiency with My Templates
Save your Form Extraction setup as a Template for future use. Import new source documents to your Template, extract data within seconds.

Document Matching

Automatically match Excel data with supporting documents. Document Matching finds the correct text, date and/or number in a source document, creating a reference to your sample data.

Document Matching Templates

Configure your Document Match only once! Save your setup as a Template for future use. Instantly match Excel data to your source documents simply by importing your new documents.

Boost repeatability with Templates

Leverage Featured and Company Templates in Document Matching and Form Extraction features.

Featured Templates
A set of templates created by DataSnipper for the most common audit and finance procedures.

Company Templates
Instantly create, save, and share Company Templates across your organization to boost standardization and repeatability.

Document Viewer

No more switching between tabs. Analyze your source documents next to your sample data directly in Excel. Easily search through your source documents and Snip relevant data.

Search & Snip

Forget about spending hours searching individual documents. With the smart search panel, instantly search and snip data across different documents.

Document Management

Perform quick actions to organize your Excel workbook and documents

Document Management
Easily remove or compress documents to reduce file size and/or redact text to hide sensitive information before saving your Excel workbook.

Advanced Document Management
Seamlessly organize your Excel workbook and documents by cleaning your document clutter. Advanced settings allow you to ensure a compliant way to store your documentation.

Table Snip

With the ‘Table Snip’, easily extract tabular data from PDFs into Excel. Multi-page table extraction allows you to analyze large PDF reports with single click.

Find All Sums

Automatically verify the mathematical accuracy of a financial document. DataSnipper analyzes all numbers to find potential sums. Easy to review.

Measure the impact of DataSnipper

Drive DataSnipper Platform adoption across your organization

Metrics Dashboard
Track key performance indicators of your firms’ Platform usage. Understand the adoption rates, keep track of teams’ performance, pinpoint areas to improve and measure the impact of DataSnipper.

Advanced Reporting
Generate user-level and location-based granular reports to analyze Platform usage. Develop and implement custom adoption strategies per team or location, optimizing work processes and increasing engagement.

External Guest Access

External Guest Access allows people outside your organization to seamlessly validate and review Snips in your Excel workbook. They can hover over the Snips to see the cross-references and review the findings.

Ready to snip?
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