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Moore Infinity
External Audit

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Bianca Bester
Audit Manager

My name is Bianca Bester, and I am an Audit Manager at Moore Infinity Incorporated in South Africa.
The main reason I chose to pursue a career as an Audit Manager is that I am constantly challenged not only intellectually but socially as well. If it isn’t dealing with a difficult technical matter then it’s building client relationships, which adds to my desire for constant growth. I believe if you don’t stay updated with tech advancements, you limit yourself and your potential to excel in everything you do. Even if it pushes you beyond your comfort zone, that’s where growth happens.‍

What is the biggest challenge in audit transformation you recently faced?

The biggest challenge I have encountered recently is how fast-paced the work environment has become. If you don’t invest time in learning and adapting to new technological tools, you will stay behind in the market and lose that competitive edge you had. 

The industry is currently witnessing an unsettling trend of margin creep whereby our fees are being subjected to increasing pressure. This, in turn, is impelling us to deliver our services within restricted timelines even with the added burden of regulatory compliance requirements.

And how did you solve this challenge efficiently?

I was able to provide training on the multiple functions of DataSnipper and make it an integral part of our firm to be more efficient and strive towards providing quality services to our clients. In turn, keeping up with the fast pace and staying competitive in the market. 

The implementation of DataSnipper has resulted in a significant improvement in operational efficiency, which has in turn alleviated some of the time and cost pressures that are currently prevalent in the industry.

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