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Use DataSnipper to eliminate manual tasks in your Tax procedures, and have more time to advise your clients on their tax strategy.

How we help

Use DataSnipper to automate your tax inspections, corporate tax preparations, indirect tax testing, and transfer pricing procedures. Add value to your clients by advising and helping them make informed business decisions.

Easily inspect tax documents

Eliminate manual typing and errors with text recognition and automation. Easily identify and extract information from your tax documents. Cut down on review minutes with transparent cross-referencing, directly in Excel.

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Automatically extract data from tax forms

Leverage DataSnipper’s advanced automation features to extract data from a big batch of Tax forms, saving a significant amount of time. Streamline your processes by standardizing your tax documentation with templates.

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Streamline your invoice data extractions

Seamlessly prepare and structure your invoice procedures by automatically extracting data from invoices. Have more time to focus on critical findings, inconsistencies, and regulatory compliance issues.

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Efficiently inspect transfer pricing documentation

Create a clear documentation trail directly in Excel by easily finding and referencing related party transactions and supporting documents in your Transfer Pricing documentation.

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Any team can benefit from DataSnipper.

External Audit

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Internal Audit

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Financial Control

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Government Audit

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