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Indirect Tax Testing

Use DataSnipper to automatically extract details from invoices. Accelerate your tax procedures by eliminating repetitive and manual tasks.

How we help

Use DataSnipper to replace manual and repetitive tax procedures with advanced automation. Have more time to help clients meet strict regulations and make informed business decisions.

Drive efficiency with text recognition

DataSnipper uses OCR technology to read data from source documents. By leveraging text recognition, tax preparers can easily identify information from Tax forms, and extract data directly from the document, saving a significant amount of time

Simplify data extraction

Automatically extract data from invoices. Be less prompt to errors, simply check the data fields you need and DataSnipper automatically extracts relevant data directly to your Excel workbook and creates a reference to the source document.

Extract with scale

Use Form Extraction to extract relevant data from documents with the same layout. Simply Snip all data fields from one document and DataSnipper applies the same logic to other documents.

Boost repeatability with Templates

Instantly create, save, and share Form Extraction Templates. By importing new documents to your saved template, DataSnipper will automatically extract the data for you. Share your template across your organization, increasing standardization.

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