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Internal Audit

Use DataSnipper to automate your internal controls testing. Efficiently evaluate the effectiveness of the controls based on supporting evidence

How we help

Use DataSnipper to automate and easily document control testing, SOX controls, IT Audits, and operational audits. Work smarter, have more time to investigate any discrepancies, and easily meet regulatory demands.

Internal Audit teams on DataSnipper’s Intelligent Automation

“Using DataSnipper introduced an agile approach in our auditing and helped our team of auditors transform their previously traditional mindset and embrace innovation.”
Ziad Frangie
Lead Auditor EMEA, Air Products & Chemical Incorporated
“With DataSnipper, we’re able to ensure accuracy and completeness during testing. All the evidence and sample data are in a centralized workspace. Cross-referencing accelerates review processes. Audit trail make the entire review process simple, and we can be sure that we don't miss anything.”
Sarah Morejon
Senior Manager Internal Audit, The ODP Corporation
“DataSnipper offers me a great solution to automate and simplify audit work related to annual accounts, data analytics, and interim work that seamlessly ties in with our vision to transform the audit.”
Ivo Mengelers
IT Auditor, Diggle
“Since we’ve implemented DataSnipper it has greatly reduced the time spent documenting and reviewing workpapers. We are constantly evaluating ways to leverage DataSnipper for SOX testing and Operational Audits. Looking forward to the increased time savings as we continue to integrate the use of the tool.”
Victoria Sporn
Audit Manager – SOX & Financial, MarketAxess

Easily comply with SOX requirements

Automatically extract and cross-reference supporting documentation for your SOX control testing, allowing time to address any deficiencies and ensure effective compliance with SOX requirements.

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Efficiently evaluate your controls

Document and cross-reference your controls testing directly in Excel. Have your evidence and control programs side by side. Have more time to mitigate risks, increasing overall audit quality.

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Streamline IT Controls Testing

Efficiently test your organization's general IT controls and application controls with intelligent automation, reducing human error. Create easy-to-review audit reports directly in Excel.

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Boost operational efficiency using automation

Automate testing procedures to test larger sample sizes and efficiently identify anomalies. Easily detect errors and potential risks in operational processes with greater accuracy.

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Any team can benefit from DataSnipper.

External Audit

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Financial Control

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Government Audit

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