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Operational Audits

Use DataSnipper to automate your operational inspections to boost operational efficiency

How we help

Manage and mitigate operational risks from your organization's business functions. Advise management in their operational decision-making process, increasing the value of business processes.

Easily match documents

Automatically match Excel data with supporting documents. Document Matching finds the correct text, date and/or number in a source document, creating a reference to your sample data.

cross reference with supporting documents

Cross-reference with supporting documents

Cross-reference sample data with supporting evidence directly in Excel. DataSnipper automatically creates a reference between the two, making it very easy to document and review audit evidence.

Standardize your operational audits

Using the search bar, easily find and identify relevant information in related evidence. Instantly search through all your documents for keywords and directly snip data to your Excel workbook. Standardize your documentation with cross-referencing.

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