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Operational Audits

Automate your operational inspections to boost operational performance, cost-savings, and risk mitigation

How we help

Streamline the audit process and reduce manual effort with intelligent automation. Have more time to identify areas for improvement, enhance operational performance, and mitigate risks to achieve organizational objectives.


Easily match documents

Automatically match Excel data with supporting documents. Document Matching finds the correct text, date and/or number in a source document, creating a reference to your sample data.

Standardize documentation with cross-referencing

Using the search bar, easily find and identify relevant information in related evidence. Instantly search for keywords and Snip data to your Excel workbook.

Seamlessly complete review processes

Cross-referencing sample data with source evidence in Excel allows powerful documentation trails, making it easy to document and review audit evidence.


faster execution on procedures like SOX Controls and Operational Audits.

“DataSnipper helps us ensure that every attribute is captured in our testing. The ability to create templates significantly contributes to time savings for us as preparers, resulting in procedures now being executed 50% faster.”

Ariana Balda, Auditor, The ODP Corporation

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