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The Financial Statement Suite

Introducing next-generation 'tick and tie'

How we help

Audit and finance teams waste valuable time by using calculators, manually searching for errors, and comparing financial statements. It's time for next-gen "tick and tie". The Financial Statement Suite automatically analyzes the financial statement and helps to both perform and document all financial statement procedures extremely fast, while relying on your judgement – improving standardization and the overall quality of service.

Automatically verify mathematical accuracy

Easily verify the mathematical accuracy of the figures in the financial statements. DataSnipper has analyzed the document for you and added suggestions of valid totals and errors. Review the totals and mark them as validated. Work smarter; say goodbye to the calculator.

Simply review internal consistency

Easily review the internal consistency of the amounts in the financial statements. Automatically cross-reference amounts to their occurrences within the same document. No need to scroll back and forward. Document your findings, easy to share and review.

Easily keep track of your work

Instantly export new version changes or your findings for seamless collaboration

Automatically check version changes
New version changes? No problem! DataSnipper has highlighted every single change between two financial statements for you.

Easily export findings
Instantly export your Financial Statement tickmarks, findings and highlights. Ready to include in your financial report. Automatically include a summary page to brief stakeholders about your findings.

Check for prior year consistency

Easily review the previous year amounts in the financial statements. Automatically compare two financial statements and automatically search and validate the corresponding amounts between the different years. Time saved!

Create custom tickmarks

Create custom tickmarks to strengthen your documentation and conform to your organization’s documentation standards. Set default tickmarks at an organizational level and effectively document findings.

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3x efficiency gain for BDO

Learn how BDO in the Netherlands is scaling financial statement procedures, while increasing quality of service and time-to-market

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