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Advanced Extraction Suite

Say goodbye to copying and pasting data. Boost data extraction processes with advanced automation.

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Eliminate manual typing data from a large volume of documents. Automatically detect and extract the required data from invoices, receipts and contracts regardless of their layout with just a single click. By placing the data as Snips, it creates references to the source document, directly in the Excel workbook.

Invoice Extraction

Be less prone to errors. Simply check the data fields you need, and Invoice Extraction automatically extracts data from a bulk of invoices regardless of their formatting.

Receipt Extraction

Leverage text recognition and extract data from receipts such as Merchant Name, Totals, Transaction Date, and many more, regardless of the receipt's layout.

Contract Extraction

With Contract Extraction, you can automatically extract data from contracts such as Effective Date, Execution Date, Title, Jurisdictions, and many more instantly.

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