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Team Contributor

Prepare your audit and finance procedures faster and work smarter to kick-start your career

So, what's the big deal?

Repetitive audit and finance work

Juniors in audit and finance teams deal with a crazy amount of repetitive tasks: searching, matching, and linking evidence.

High time pressure

Juniors work under constant time pressure. Jumping from deadline to deadline.

No time to learn

Time-consuming menial tasks are the biggest obstacles for juniors to focus on what truly matters and learn fast.

How we help team contributors

Say goodbye to repetitive and manual tasks while preparing audit and finance procedures


With DataSnipper you can cross-reference Excel with supporting evidence, such as PDFs, images, MS Word, and Excel files. The referenced files are stored in the workbook, allowing for a simple and efficient review of financial procedures.

Document Matching

Automatically match Excel data with supporting documents, such as invoices, bank statements, and contracts. This AI-powered feature will find the correct text, date and/or number in a source document, automatically creating a reference to your sample data.

Form extraction

Use DataSnipper to extract relevant data from documents with the same layout. Simply Snip all data fields from one document and DataSnipper applies the same logic to other documents. It's like a robot that multiplies your efforts.

All platform features

Value for team contributors

Prepare your audit and finance procedures faster and work smarter to kick-start your career

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Work smarter. Audit and finance tasks are performed and reviewed 10x faster with intelligent automation


Efficiency gains allow for more focus time on risk areas, which leads to higher quality


Audit and Finance teams can focus on the work they love, improving work culture and employee retention

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