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Government Audit

Securely conduct Government Audits with our Intelligent Automation Platform. Shorten review times, focus more on high-risk areas, and create easy-to-review audit reports in Excel.

How we help

Conduct high-quality audits with full transparency. DataSnipper adds value to your work by facilitating powerful document trails for your audits. Save time to focus more on high-risk areas.

Conduct transparent Grant Audits

Conduct transparent grant audits. Easily extract information from complex documentation and cross-reference it with audit evidence in a secure environment. Easily manage high document volumes.

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Accelerate your Controls Testing

Easily document your Control Testing with DataSnipper. Back your inspection and reperformance procedures with well-documented supporting evidence. Eliminate repetitive tasks, increasing overall audit quality.

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Automate your Tests of Detail

Automatically extract and cross-reference audit samples to supporting documentation for Tests of Details. For example, tie an Expense Subledger listing with invoices and receipts. Say goodbye to repetitive work.

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Centralize your Grant Document Reviews

Pinpoint and extract data from lengthy grant agreements, proposals and contracts. Centralize data validation procedures by verifying them against its source documents. Prepare transparent and cross-referenced summary reports.

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Any team can benefit from DataSnipper.

External Audit

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Internal Audit

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Financial Control

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