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Grant Audit

Use DataSnipper to streamline all your Grant Audit procedures

How we help

Use DataSnipper to extract information from complex documentation and match it with audit evidence, creating powerful document trails - all in one Excel workbook. Quickly pinpoint and extract specific data, and shorten review times by cross-referencing evidence in a centralized workspace.

Easily match documents

Reconcile Excel data with information between all the core documents using Document Matching. This advanced automation feature will find the correct text and figures in a source document, and automatically create a reference to your sample data.

cross reference with supporting documents

Simplify audit reviews

Easily create Snips to extract data from long Proposals or Subsidy Agreements. A Snip extracts data and automatically creates a reference between the sample data and the source document. This makes it very easy to document and review audit evidence.

Automate invoice extraction

Use Invoice Extraction to extract information from multiple invoices at once when testing the cost accounts in the P&L statement at the end of the subsidy period. Simply check off the relevant data fields, and DataSnipper applies the logic to all the invoices and outputs the data in Excel.

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