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Grant document reviews

Use DataSnipper to pinpoint and extract data from lengthy grant agreements, proposals, and contracts.

How we help

Use DataSnipper to organize and centralize data validation procedures by verifying them against its source documents, all within one Excel workbook. Create accurate summary reports containing specific data with ease.

Extract pinpointed data

DataSnipper uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to read data from evidence such as handwritten or scanned documents. This data can then be extracted directly from the document, saving a significant amount of time.

Organize large document volumes

Easily separate your contracts, agreements, and other addendum into relevant folders for later ease of review. Avoid losing critical evidence, increase efficiency, and create high-quality documentation.

Search smarter

Use Smart Search to instantly search through all uploaded documents, like PDFs, images, and even scans with hand-written text. Smart Search will output all corresponding documentation with the specific search term for easy data extraction.

Verify data with supporting evidence

Clearly demarcate the data that has been verified and which inconsistencies to examine using Validation Snip and Exception Snip. DataSnipper automatically creates cross-references with the source document within the Excel workbook.

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