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Test of Details

Use DataSnipper for your Test of Details procedures. Easily vouch information to supporting documentation.

How we help

Automate all your data extraction for transparent government audit procedures with a powerful document trail. Share a 'plug-and-play' Excel file throughout your team. Easy to open and easy to review.

Easily match documents

Document Matching can automatically match Excel data with supporting documents such as proposals, agreements and financial reports. This feature finds the correct text or number in a source document and creates a reference to your sample data.

Bring consistency to procedures

Create templates of the most frequent procedures and bring standardtization and consistency to all your documentation. For example, use Document Matching for remuneration testing procedures, and save its template for future use. Decrease manual work while increasing efficiency.

Cross-reference to the source

Easily use Snips to create or adjust your test of detail. A Snip extracts data from your source document and automatically creates a reference between the two. This makes it very easy to create and review audit evidence for subsidy audits and tender checklists.

Search smarter

Instantly search through all  uploaded documents, like PDFs, images, and even scans with hand-written text with Smart Search. Smart Search will output all corresponding documentation with the specific search term for easy data extraction.

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