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Controls Testing

Use DataSnipper to efficiently evaluate your internal controls

How we help

Efficiently evaluate your government organization’s internal controls. Create snips to document evidence for your inspection and reperformance procedures in Excel. Easy to share and easy to review.

Cross-reference to the source

Create Snips to test controls easily. Snips extract selected data from your source document and automatically creates a reference, making it simple to document and review audit evidence.

Easily match documents

Use Document Matching to match data with supporting documents like grant agreements, proposals and bank statements. This feature automates the process by finding the correct text, date or number in a source document and creating a reference to your sample data.

Search and extract specific information

Smart Search can locate any key term across all uploaded files. For the overview of all documents containing an employee's name for example, Smart Search will provide you with relevant documentation like payslips, bank statements, and tender agreements to match.

Extract bulk of data at once

Extract relevant data elements from a batch of similar documents. Simply Snip the relevant data elements into one document and DataSnipper applies the same logic to the other documents and outputs the Snips in Excel.

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