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SOX Controls

Effectively meet SOX requirements with intelligent automation.

How we help

Automatically extract and cross-reference supporting documentation to your SOX control testing. Leverage standardized documentation, have more time to investigate any deficiencies, and easily comply with SOX requirements.


Extract at scale

Extract required data from similarly formatted documents, e.g. agreements, invoices, etc. Extract data from one document and DataSnipper applies the same logic to the other documents.

Cross-reference with supporting documents

DataSnipper automatically creates a reference between extracted data and evidence, making it very easy to review control documentation.

Standardize your processes using templates

Instantly save your extraction configuration as a template for future use. Boosting standardization and repeatability.


faster execution on procedures like SOX Controls and Operational Audits.

DataSnipper helps us ensure that every attribute is captured in our testing. The ability to create templates significantly contributes to time savings for us as preparers, resulting in procedures now being executed 50% faster.

Ariana Balda, Auditor, The ODP Corporation


Reconcile data directly in Excel

Match Excel data with source documents, like invoices, SWIFT Confirmations, and contracts. Document Matching finds the correct text, date or number in a source document, referencing to your sample data.

Seamlessly capture evidence from webpages

Easily set up controls by pulling data directly from different online sources without compromising on the credibility of your evidence.

Support your inspections with Snips

Quickly inspect results, signatures, dates, authorization, and more. Explain your findings further by adding comments or flagging any discrepancies.

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