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Control Testing

Efficiently evaluate your internal controls with DataSnipper’s intelligent automation

How we help

Use DataSnipper to document your test of control while cross-referencing everything in Excel. Eliminate repetitive tasks to streamline your internal control testing, increasing overall audit quality.


Extract data with a single click

Automate the setup for your control testing, mitigate risks with ease. Extract data from a bulk of invoices or contracts regardless of their formatting.

Scale your extraction efforts across documents

Extract data fields from one document and apply the same logic to others. Standardize processes by saving your configurations as templates.

Credible data capturing from webpages

Easily set up controls by pulling data directly from different online sources without compromising on the credibility of your evidence.


Collaborate up to 3x more efficiently with a centralized workplace in Excel

“DataSnipper has truly revolutionized substantive testing procedures with intelligent automation, leading to significant efficiencies. Reviewing working papers is now easier as information can now be captured in single tab instead of muliple manual snippets!”

Bilal Raja, Internal Auditor, MarketAxess

Instant reconciliation with intelligent automation

Focus on more value-added activities such as analysis and interpretation of results

Ensure accuracy in testing methodologies
Use automation to minimize the potential for human error associated with manual testing processes, resulting in more reliable and accurate results.

Ensure transparent record of testing activities
Easily demonstrate and review the effectiveness of controls with cross-referencing and detailed audit trails directly in Excel.

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