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IT Audit

Automatically extract data from IT tickets, system reports, or Cognos reports with intelligent automation

How we help

Minimize time spent pinpointing crucial information with intelligent automation. Automatically reconcile sample data across different systems, reducing the number of human errors. Have time to identify risks within your organization’s architecture.


Extract with scale

Extract data from similar documents like IT tickets, system reports, and Cognos reports. Snip data from one document and DataSnipper applies the same logic to others, outputting in Excel.

Standardize your processes using templates

Instantly save your extraction configuration as a template for future use. Boosting standardization and repeatability.

Credible data capturing from webpages

Easily set up controls by pulling data directly from different online sources e.g., ERP systems without compromising on the credibility of your evidence.


Reduce menial tasks up to 90% with intelligent automation

“DataSnipper offers me a great solution to automate and simplify audit work related to annual accounts, data analytics, and interim work that seamlessly ties in with our vision to transform the audit.”

Ivo Mengelers, IT Auditor, Diggle

Enable efficient and secure business processes

Extract, cross-reference, and reconcile sample set to source data, confirming accuracy of your controls.

Instantly find crucial information

Find and extract data from the search panel across different sources in Excel. Search smarter.

Instant data reconciliation

Simultaneously match large sample data with supporting documents with intelligent automation.

Strengthen audit trails

Cross-referencing sample data with source data in Excel allows powerful documentation trails.

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