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Transfer Pricing

Eliminate manual typing and spend more time on strengthening your inspections by automatically extracting data in Excel

How we help

Use DataSnipper to easily find and reference related party transactions and supporting documents in your Transfer Pricing documentation, creating a clear, easy-to-review documentation trail.

Drive efficiency with text recognition

DataSnipper uses OCR technology to read data from source documents. By leveraging text recognition, tax preparers can easily search and identify information from tax documents, and extract data directly from the document, saving a significant amount of time.

Search smarter, save time

DataSnipper’s Document Viewer is equipped with smart search functionality. Using the search bar, tax preparers can instantly search for information from any type of document and extract relevant data using the Snips, directly in Excel.

Extract with scale

Extract details from transactions at scale. Using Form Extraction, extract relevant data from documents with the same layout. Simply Snip all data fields from one document and DataSnipper applies the same logic to other documents.

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