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Learn how DataSnipper provides major efficiency improvements and is offering features that truly support Deloitte's teams in delivering a high-quality audit.

Deloitte Germany
Audit and assurance

Deloitte is a global provider of audit and assurance, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, tax, and related services. During its 175-year history, the organization has grown tremendously in both scale and capabilities. Deloitte currently employs approximately 330,000 people in more than 150 countries and territories and serves four out five Fortune Global 500®companies.This success story is created in collaboration with Deloitte Germany. Deloitte Germany has more than 9.000 employees and is as a Big4Company one of the largest audit firms in the country.

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Deloitte's shared culture and mission is to "make an impact that matters". Within audit procedures, standardized processes help to increase audit quality and manage risk. However, a high degree of flexibility is essential to support individual client needs and embrace a work environment that offers diverse, challenging and impactful work that matters. Especially for young professionals, this is becoming increasingly important. How do you build a culture that drives agility and innovation, while increasing audit efficiency and quality?

“Our team feedback about DataSnipper was exceedingly positive. The tool provides major efficiency improvements and is offering features that truly support our teams in delivering a high-quality audit. On top of that, DataSnipper is fun to use! “

Mathias Bunge, Partner FSI Audit & Assurance at Deloitte


One of Deloitte’s key pillars to drive innovation is 'full population testing'. In this vision, manual sample tests including a lot of repetitive tasks that are prone to errors, are replaced by automated tests across all client assets. Improving audit quality, but equally important, creating more valuable time for auditors to focus on what really matters. Making a real impact, driven by tools and automation. To build along this journey, Deloitte in Germany adopted DataSnipper. DataSnipper is an intelligent audit platform within Excel that improves the speed and quality of your audit. It automates repetitive tasks in tests of details, tests of controls, walkthroughs, contract reviews, and other audit procedures. DataSnipper is a key step towards full population testing and will help the team in Germany to accelerate its journey.


Time saved

Repetitive audit tasks are performed significantly faster with intelligent automation.

Improved quality

Efficiency gains through automation allow for even more focus time on audit risk areas, which leads to an overall higher audit quality.

Innovative culture

Auditors can focus on the work they love, improving overall work culture and employee retention.

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