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Bakter Tilly Germany
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With more than 37,000 team members in 148 territories, Baker Tilly provides a broad range of innovative and individual advisory services in the areas of Audit & Assurance, Tax, Legal and Consulting worldwide.

This success story has been created in collaboration with Baker Tilly in Germany. Baker Tilly in Germany employs 1,115 specialists in ten different locations and is one of the largest partner-managed advisory firms in the country.

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One of the main challenges at Baker Tilly in Germany is the standardization versus agility paradigm. Standardized processes help to become predictable, increase audit quality and help to manage risk. However, you need a level of flexibility to support the needs of individual clients and embrace a work environment that offers diverse, challenging and impactful work. In an ideal world, you don't want to make compromises. How do you become more efficient, while increasing audit quality in an environment that is appealing to the modern workforce?

We are now able to perform an entire audit procedure, in the same time a manager would normally review it. Our efficiency increase is significant. We have more time to focus on high-risk areas, increasing the audit quality for our clients.

Martin Uebelmann, Partner at Baker Tilly


The vision behind Baker Tilly's solution is simple. Automate and scale repetitive tasks with machine intelligence, while humans stay in control. Releasing the pressure, creating more valuable time for auditors to focus on what they love most –analyzing exceptions and advising clients. To build towards this vision, Baker Tilly in Germany introduced DataSnipper in their audit procedures. DataSnipper is an intelligent audit platform within Excel that improves the speed and quality of your audit. It automates repetitive tasks in tests of details, tests of controls, walkthroughs, contract reviews and other audit procedures.

Baker Tilly

Time saved

40-50% time saved on repetitive audit tasks with intelligent automation

Improved quality

Increased time to spend on analyzing high-risk areas, leads to overall higher audit quality

Innovative culture

Auditors can focus on the work they love, improving overall work culture and employee retention.

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