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DataSnipper allows us to be braver when processing extraneous information - it’s revolutionary and changing our frame of mind!

Air Products & Chemical Incorporated
Industrial Gas

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Ziad Frangie
Lead Auditor - EMEA

Hi, auditors around the world! I am a father of two girls, enjoy reading, traveling, and exploring. I am an experienced audit, risk & change leader with a demonstrated history of working in project-based industries and joint ventures (JVs). My specialization lies in creating frameworks for managing audits and risk assessments across subsidiaries and JVs. I have partnered with large international oil and gas corporations to manage audit engagements. Currently, I am based at Air Products Corporation's regional headquarters in Saudi Arabia, where I conduct audits across the Middle East, India, and Turkey.

What is the biggest challenge in audit transformation you recently faced?

The biggest challenge in audit transformation is contributing to changing the mindset of auditors from the traditional waterfall audit approach into an agile one. 

Transformation takes time and requires demonstrable examples to inspire auditors to re-orient their approach.

And how did you solve this challenge efficiently?

Changing the mindset about data and automation isn’t easy and requires time and persuasion to overcome resistance. Our Data Analytics audit team created several methods of communicating results and methods of using DataSnipper. This helped create an efficient way of executing audit fieldwork. 

As a result, auditors became more interested in trying it and adding it to their inventory of skills. This provided an opportunity to introduce the agile approach in auditing while using DataSnipper.

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