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Processing Invoices

Use DataSnipper to automate your invoice processing.

How we help

Automatically match your sample data with large amounts of invoices directly in Excel. Instantly create, save, and share your extraction template for future use, boosting standardization and repeatability.

Extract with scale

Extract relevant data from documents with the same layout with Form Extraction. Snip all data fields from one document and DataSnipper applies the same logic to other documents.

Boost standardization with Templates

Instantly create, save, and share Form Extraction Templates. By importing new documents, automatically extracts the data with a single click. Share Templates across your firm, boosting standardization and repeatability.

Leverage Text Recognition for efficiency

Easily read data from evidence such as handwritten or scanned documents. By leveraging text recognition, financial controllers can easily identify and inspect information from invoices, and extract data directly from the document.

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