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Reconciling financial documents

Use DataSnipper to automatically reconcile financial documents.

How we help

Automatically inspect and reconcile supporting evidence to your sample data to verify the accuracy of entries. Eliminate repetitive and manual tasks; have more time to investigate and resolve any discrepancies while increasing the quality of your documentation.

Easily match documents

Automatically match and reconcile Excel data with supporting documents, like invoices, bank statements, and payslips. Document Matching finds the correct text, date and/or number in a source document, creating a reference to your sample data.

Boost standardization with Templates

Save your Document Match setup as a template for future use. Instantly create, save, and share Templates for recurring reconciliations to increase consistency and save time.

Leverage centralized workspace

Cross-referencing allows financial controllers to easily match and reconcile data directly in Excel, strengthening their reconciliations. Having DataSnipper as a tab in Excel allows to perform quick and easy reviews.

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