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Contract reviews

Use DataSnipper to efficiently review contracts and agreements

How we help

Leverage OCR-based technology and smart search functionality to easily identify and extract information from documents. Eliminate manual typing and errors while cutting down on review minutes.

Drive efficiency with Text Recognition

Efficiently read data from all types of documents such as scanned and handwritten. Using the Text Snip, financial controllers easily extract information from documents without having to manually type them, saving a significant amount of time.

Cross-reference with supporting documents

Cross-referencing allows financial controllers to easily match and link data directly in Excel. Having DataSnipper as a tab in Excel allows to perform quick and easy reviews. They can easily refer back to the reference by clicking on snips, saving a lot of time.

Search smarter, save time

DataSnipper’s Document Viewer is equipped with smart search functionality. Search & Snip enables financial controllers to instantly search and extract information from any type of document, directly in Excel.

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