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Agreement Reviews

Use DataSnipper to simplify contract and agreement reviews

How we help

Leverage DataSnipper’s text recognition to pinpoint specific information accurately and extract them from lengthy contracts and agreements. Efficiently prepare accurate and cross referenced summary reports for your clients using DataSnipper.

Extract pinpointed data

Use the Text Snip to easily identify specific information like monthly payment amount, interest rates, whole clauses from the agreements, etc. and extract data directly from the document, saving a significant amount of time.

Organize large document volumes

With the Document Organizer, you can add, sort and organize supporting documentation into relevant files for later ease of review. Avoid losing critical evidence, and increase efficiency and the quality of your documentation.

Search smarter

Smart Search can locate any key term across all uploaded files. If you need an overview of all documents with an interest rate for example, Smart Search will output all corresponding documentation within contracts, agreements and addendums.

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