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New Add-on Module: Cloud Collaboration Suite

April 8, 2024

We are thrilled to introduce the Cloud Collaboration Suite, our newest add-on module that will bring the DataSnipper essentials to your browser!

In today’s fast-paced world of audit and finance, efficient collaboration and transparency are crucial. The constant exchange of documents, reviews, and communication can lead to information silos and slow turnaround times. Locally storing documents and workpapers, without shared storage like SharePoint, can limit team members' access to the most up-to-date workpapers, causing documentation chaos. Moreover, relying on web screenshots for evidence can introduce inconsistencies in data capturing, impacting credibility.

To address these challenges, we are releasing a brand new add-on module, Cloud Collaboration Suite. This Suite aims to boost your team’s productivity and facilitate transparency while simplifying how you document, connect, and validate data.

In this blog, let's deep dive into the features that the Cloud Collaboration Suite brings to you and how you can benefit from each.

In case you are new here and don't know what DataSnipper is:

DataSnipper is an intelligent automation platform that automatically extracts, cross-references and validates source documents of any audit and finance procedure. Loved by more than 500.000 audit and finance professionals across the globe, DataSnipper streamlines your work processes, embraces the way you like to work, and helps you reach your deadlines faster.

What is the Cloud Collaboration Suite?

With the Cloud Collaboration Suite, we are bringing DataSnipper to your browser. This add-on module facilitates data traceability and eliminates silos. It ensures real-time document collaboration using DataSnipper in Excel Online and allows consistent and credible data capturing with WebSnip from web pages.

What are the features of Cloud Collaboration Suite?

The two features empowering the Cloud Collaboration Suite are DataSnipper Excel Online and WebSnip Extension.

Meet DataSnipper Excel Online

As more and more companies are steering towards collaborating online, DataSnipper is here to support you on this journey. You no longer need to worry about sending workbooks back and forth and slow turnaround times.

Work On The Go

DataSnipper Excel Online saves your workpapers and all your cross-referenced source documents on the cloud for instant access. Access your work anywhere, anytime with your Office 365 account. With DataSnipper Excel Online, you can use Snips (such as Text, Validation, Exception, Sum, and Table Snip) to extract and cross-reference data, leave comments to highlight findings, and document every procedure in a centralized place in Excel Online.

DataSnipper Excel Online Available For Mac Users

Mac users, this is what you have been waiting for! You and your teams can now co-work on DataSnipper Excel Online via your browser. No more switching between tabs. Use Document Viewer to analyze your source documents next to your sample data directly in Excel Online. Easily extract and cross-reference data from your source documents, improving traceability and the quality of your audit and finance procedures.

Share Your Work Effortlessly

Say goodbye to the constant exchange of documents and continuous back-and-forth review processes! Just send a ‘Share’ link to kickstart collaboration and review processes with team members and stakeholders on DataSnipper Excel Online. All your cross-referenced source documents are stored in your Online workbook, in your SharePoint environment.

Meet WebSnip Extension

Capturing evidence from web pages is becoming increasingly common among audit and finance teams. However, online captured evidence is unreliable and requires multiple manual steps. By eliminating additional steps and third-party apps, you can now quickly import data, reduce the chance of human errors, and create consistency in data capturing and documentation from web pages.

Boost Credibility In an Instant

Seamlessly extract and validate data from web pages! WebSnip Extension increases the credibility of your evidence by capturing the URL and timestamp of your screenshot and syncing them directly to your Excel workbook on your desktop. And even better, you can utilize keyboard shortcuts to easily activate WebSnip and place Snips faster than ever.

Book a Demo

Would you like to see the Cloud Collaboration Suite in action? Book a demo today and our sales team will gladly walk you through the DataSnipper Platform!

Explore Further

For more information on DataSnipper and the Cloud Collaboration Suite features, we highly recommend visiting our Knowledge Base for helpful articles and videos.

We are excited about how the Cloud Collaboration Suite can revolutionize your team's collaboration efforts, making your work more efficient and enjoyable.

Happy Snipping!

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