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Drive growth and competitive advantage through audit innovation

So, what's the big deal?

Competitive landscape

Partners struggle to stay ahead of the game in the highly competitive audit landscape: you snooze, you lose

Audit tool spray

Partners struggle to keep up with constant technological changes in the audit industry and adopting new innovation

Innovative audit culture

Partners are challenged every day to deliver purposeful work to young talents and keep an innovative culture

How we help partners

DataSnipper offers a variety of products to drive overall firm growth, making sure their firms are the industry leaders and building a great culture

OCR-based Automation

DataSnipper uses OCR to read documents and automate tasks. Accelerating the speed of audit procedures allows firms to meet individual clients' needs, bring value, and stay ahead of the competition.

Metrics Dashboard

DataSnipper Dashboard allows managers and partners to track metrics and overall performance of the platform usage, providing opportunities for further improvement.

Easy to use and adopt

Having DataSnipper in Excel allows organizations to have high adoption rates of the product. The friendly user interface of DataSnipper allows audit teams to adapt the tool extremely easily and fast.

All platform features

Value for partners

Stay ahead of the game and drive firm growth

Revenue growth

Increasing audit efficiency and quality allows your firm to create competitive advantage and drive revenue growth

Audit transformation

Implementing DataSnipper allows audit firms to stay ahead of technological advancements, drive innovation within the firm

Audit talent retention

Delivering more purposeful work to your employees improves overall work culture and employee retention

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