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Senior Auditor

Review audits faster to have more time to focus on client needs

So, what's the big deal?

Quality and efficiency

Senior auditors waste too much time reviewing audit procedures, having less time to focus on client needs

Individual client needs

Senior auditors struggle to deal with hundreds of clients, all with specific needs, requirements, and procedures

Regulator demands

Seniors are challenged to meet increasing regulatory demands while simultaneously increasing audit quality and efficiency

How we help seniors

Intelligent automation speeds up the reviewing process, improving quality, while having more time to focus on individual client needs

Audit evidence traceability

Cross-referencing audit evidence to Excel workbook allows to easily trace audit procedures from start to finish, saving reviewers a significant amount of time. With standardized documentation, audit reviewers can quickly spot errors in audit reports, increasing overall audit quality.

Automated tickmarks and easy commenting

DataSnipper uses automated tickmarks to validate financial statements. Tickmarks can also be placed manually across documents. With the comment button, you can place comments in the documents, easily communicating with your audit team or clients.

Extremely easy to use product

DataSnipper runs in Excel and is therefore easily embraced by any auditor. The DataSnipper User Interface is extremely simple; auditors can start their audit procedures within minutes.

All platform features

Value for seniors

Improve the speed and quality of your audit procedures

Client needs

Quickly drill down into working papers, saving valuable time to spent on meeting client needs


Audit procedures are easily traceable from start to finish, making it easier to spot errors


Easily meet the regulator demands by staying in control of the procedures in every step

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