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Test of Controls

Use DataSnipper to efficiently evaluate your client's internal controls

How we help

Easily document your test of controls. Create snips to supporting evidence of these controls, like signatures and authorization names. Easy to share and easy to review.

Cross-reference to the source

With DataSnipper you can easily create Snips to create or adjust your Test of Controls. A Snip extracts selected data from your source document, and then automatically creates a reference between the two. This makes it very easy to document and review audit evidence.

Search smarter

Instantly search through all your imported documents, like PDFs, images and even scans with hand-written text. Smart search will also take different time formats into account. If you need an overview in your Test of Control of all documents with an invoice number, smart search will output all corresponding documentation from all different systems.

Easily match documents

Document Matching let's you automatically match Excel data with supporting documents, like invoices, bank statements, and contracts. This AI-powered feature will find the correct text, date and/or number in a source document, and then automatically creates a reference to your sample data.

Extract with scale

Extract relevant data elements of a batch of similar documents. Simply Snip the relevant data elements on one document and DataSnipper applies the same logic to the other documents and outputs the Snips in Excel.

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