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DataSnipper: Excel made Excellent

With DataSnipper on your side, reduce Busy Season stress with huge time savings that reward your team with far more reasonable work hours during this infamously chaotic period. Plus, safeguard against human error and prevent issues such as Phantom Ticking. 

DataSnipper makes auditing fun again. Book a demo, and get ready for your jaw to hit the floor once you see how!

Easily match documents

Automatically match Excel data with supporting documents, like invoices, bank statements, and contracts. This AI-powered feature will find the correct text, date, or number in a source document then automatically create a reference to your sample data.

Extract data at scale

Extract data from a batch of similar documents. Simply Snip the relevant data elements on one document and DataSnipper applies the same logic to the other documents and outputs the Snips in Excel.

Next-gen Tick and Tie

DataSnipper's Financial Statement Suite automates the analysis of the financial statement. Plus, it helps to swiftly perform and document all financial statement procedures. And rest assured, your professional judgement remains essential throughout this process, keeping you firmly in control.

Cross-reference to the source

DataSnipper's Snip feature extracts specific data from your source document and automatically creates a reference between the two. This makes creating and reviewing audit evidence a breeze. The Snip feature is ideal for Test of Details, Test of Controls, and even Walkthroughs. 

cross reference with supporting documents
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