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"Datasnipper helps us to improve our quality, gain more efficiency and speed up. It unburdens from messy things of the audit and can be used in many different ways - there's always more to discover!"

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Kerstin Weidenbach-Koschnike
Partner at ACCONSIS

I'm Kerstin Weidenbach-Koschnike, a partner at ACCONSIS—a medium-sized firm offering tax consulting, auditing, legal, and financial services. With a focus on audit and international tax, our clients range from small family-owned businesses to multinational groups. Our approach to audit involves delving deep into our clients' entities to gain a profound understanding of their operations, workflows, and KPIs. By leveraging automation and AI, we streamline tedious tasks and empower our team members to focus on core information, documentation, and efficient work processes.

What is the biggest challenge in audit transformation you recently faced?

Related to the ongoing digitalization process in bookkeeping, financial statement preparation, and controlling, we must catch up with this development, update our digital skills,and transform our audit process. This presents both risks and opportunities.

It is essential we assist our team members in adapting to an increasingly digital world,collaborating effectively, maintaining remote client connections, and investing in digital tools. Mastering these changes enables us to achieve better audit quality with lower failure rates using software-supported procedures, facilitating in-depth client conversations, and optimizing capacity.

And how did you solve this challenge efficiently?

We prioritize continuous improvement with software tools, including automated workbooks, audit workflow management tools, and DataSnipper.

DataSnipper is especially valuable in substantive audit work, enhancing documentation, review, and team enjoyment. It streamlines processes allowing for efficient value retrieval in contracts. This saves time compared to manual searches.

Our focus remains on audit inquiries rather than searching and matching. The matching rate of DataSnipper gathered documents reveals workflow quality. With DataSnipper, we evaluate more documents than a standard audit team, enabling tasks like revenue testing, typically handled by test of controls rather than test of details.

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