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When I first saw DataSnipper in action, I thought I was watching a magic show. This software is seriously genius.

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Amy Rose
Senior Auditor

Greetings auditors of the future. I am a senior auditor for BDO USA and work with our government and employee benefit practices. My client portfolio includes pensions and retirement plan audits, as well as audits of school districts, municipalities, and regional governments. I recently moved from Florida to Denver, and I am still every day in awe of how beautiful my new home state is. I look forward to spending my free time continuing to explore its many fascinating landscapes.

What is the biggest challenge in audit transformation you recently faced?

One of the biggest challenges in audit transformation is the expected, yet uncomfortable, feeling people get from change. There is an explosion of technological advances that are helping make our jobs easier. 

However, each individual has a different level of comfort with adopting and adapting to new technologies. We need to be considerate of those differences in this transformation.

And how did you solve this challenge efficiently?

At BDO, we have numerous technologies available that make me feel like I am an auditor from the future. Not only does embracing new software like DataSnipper make my job easier, but it ultimately allows me to deliver a better audit to my clients by leveraging the analytical capabilities of these tools so that our teams can resource our time on more complex/ interesting procedures.

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