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Lisicki Litvin & Asociados
External Audit

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Rocío Parra
Junior Auditor

Hey all! My name is Rocío Parra. I'm from Mendoza, Argentina. A year ago, I finished my degree in Accountancy and, until now, I have worked in audit. Currently, I work as a Junior Auditor at Lisicki Litvin & Asociados. My primary responsibilities involve developing substantive and analytical procedures to gather appropriate audit evidence that supports the expressed opinion on the financial statements as a whole.

What is the biggest challenge in audit transformation you recently faced?

As I mentioned before, my main responsibility is to gather supporting audit evidence. This evidence is obtained through information provided by the client and third parties. However, collecting this is often time-consuming due to its extensive nature. Furthermore, the task is entirely manual. 

This situation has prompted me to reevaluate my approach to performing my tasks. I believe that I should go beyond surveying and reconciling balances and, instead, devote more time to conducting in-depth analyses. By doing so, I enhance the quality of the audit and provide added value to clients.

And how did you solve this challenge efficiently?

As I looked deep into my work, I noticed some important things. Some tasks that could be standardized kept repeating and information that had a similar format regardless of the client. So I explored new ways of working with technology. 

One platform that really made a difference was DataSnipper. It helped me quickly go through large samples and standardize procedures. With this change, I achieved what I wanted: being more efficient and adding more value. 

I'd also like to mention that DataSnipper wasn't just useful for auditing. It also came in handy for other areas in my company.

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