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DataSnipper is an exceptional tool that saves time, enhances the quality of our work, and enables us to deliver excellence to our clients and stakeholders.

Mazars NL

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Jarno Smith
Senior Assistant

My name is Jarno Smith, and I am currently employed in the audit practice of Mazars. With a diverse portfolio of clients, ranging from insurance companies to large listed clients. In addition to my professional responsibilities, I am actively working towards achieving my CPA (RA) at Nyenrode University. I firmly believe in the power of teamwork in the audit process, recognising the importance of collaboration to meet deadlines and deliver exceptional service to clients.

What is the biggest challenge in audit transformation you recently faced?

One of the biggest challenges in audit transformation lies in adapting to the rapid advancements in technology. As auditors, it is crucial for us to embrace and adopt these technologies, as they present great opportunities for enhancing our processes. Embracing these innovative technologies not only enables us to improve efficiency and accuracy but also allows us to meet the ever-increasing expectations of our environment.

By leveraging these tools, we can deliver more valuable insights, greater transparency, and ultimately meet the evolving needs of our clients and stakeholders.

And how did you solve this challenge efficiently?

To address the rapid changes in technology, I embrace the idea of adopting innovative tools that would enhance our audit processes, DataSnipper is a great example of this. By adopting this technology, I was able to perform testing at a much faster pace, freeing up valuable time to focus on other critical areas during the audit.

Additionally, the implementation of  DataSnipper has resulted in a significant improvement in the documentation process, enabling efficient referencing to relevant (PDF) documents. This not only enhanced transparency for the reviewer but also contributed to an overall improvement in audit quality.

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