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Significant efficiency increase with audit intelligence to deliver higher quality services


Established in 1958, MNP is a leading national accounting, tax, and business consulting firm in Canada. MNP proudly serves and responds to the needs of their clients in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors. Through partner-led engagements, MNP provides a collaborative, cost-effective approach to doing business and personalized strategies to help people and organizations succeed across the country and around the world.

This success story is created in collaboration with MNP. MNP currently employs approximately 7.500 people in more than 100 offices and is building solutions for more than 15 different industries. They are working with organizations across the economic landscape; studying and adapting to innovation, trends, and changing legislation – enabling their clients to succeed, wherever business takes them.

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Increased audit complexity, remote working, digitalization, and the constant push for audit quality and efficiency are drivers for audit firms to change the way they operate today. As audit regulations are becoming stricter, standardization of audit processes becomes essential. Teams need to document their workflows in a standardized way to meet the regulator demands, which pushes firms into the challenge of adopting new ways of work driven by technology and automation.

The need for automation rises as practitioners are constantly facing repetitive and manual tasks that are prone to errors, preventing them from focusing on high-risk areas. However, firms need a level of flexibility to support the needs of individual clients and embrace a work environment that offers diverse, challenging, and impactful work. How can MNP make use of the technology to identify risks and move towards advanced automation while increasing overall audit quality and efficiency?

DataSnipper provides significant efficiency improvements in engagement workflows. We have more time to focus on high-risk areas, supporting our clients’ individual needs. The ease of use of the DataSnipper platform allowed us to quickly implement the tool for our team!

Jeremy Beltgens, Senior Manager, Assurance at MNP


MNP’s mission is to offer “tailored services to meet client needs, to take advantage of opportunities and to minimize risk”. In line with their mission, documenting evidence in a standardized way and replacing repetitive manual tasks that are prone to errors with automation allow MNP to increase audit efficiency and quality. This way, practitioners have more valuable time to focus on what really matters, making a real impact by supporting the needs of individual clients. To build along this journey, MNP adopted DataSnipper.

DataSnipper is an intelligent audit platform within Excel that improves the speed and quality of audit procedures. Primarily used on their Test of Detail procedures, MNP uses DataSnipper to automate their audit procedures, while practitioners always stay in control. By providing structured and detailed documentation in Excel, DataSnipper’s ease of audit evidence traceability helps MNP to meet strict regulator demands. DataSnipper helps create an impactful workspace for next-generation auditors; and is a key step towards MNP’s mission to have more time to support the needs of individual clients.


Time saved

Detailed audit tests that often took days to execute are now performed in less than an hour with intelligent automation.

Innovative culture

Next-generation auditors will learn more by being able to focus on more challenging tasks, improving overall work culture and employee retention.

Improved quality

The automated audit traceability advantages of the platform result in solid documentation, while saving time to focus on audit risk areas, which leads to overall higher audit quality.

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