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Save up to 340 hours per quarter on due diligence and tax consultancy using DataSnipper

Möhrle Happ Luther
Tax, Audit, Advisory

Möhrle Happ Luther is a multidisciplinary business law firm with offices in Hamburg, Berlin, and Schwerin. With over 400 talented professionals working in tax advice, legal advice, auditing, and consulting, the firm excels in its collaborative approach. This combination of interdisciplinary skills has inspired client trust in their expertise and comprehensive structuring models for over 95 years.

Möhrle Happ Luther's clients range from medium-sized businesses, foundations, corporations, capital market-oriented companies, public entities, to start-ups. The firm offers services on a regional, digital, and global scale.

Möhrle Happ Luther is a member of the global advisory network Crowe Global.

This success story was created in collaboration with the tax, auditing and consulting teams.

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Möhrle Happ Luther encountered a challenge in data processing. In their consulting work, data needed for Excel processing was typically only available in PDF formats, particularly for annual financial statements, and total and balance lists. The auditing environment was marked by outdated approaches that involved laborious manual checks of random samples and their documentation. Similar challenges were also present in tax consultancy, where manually tracking written documents in working papers and reading invoices took a significant amount of time.

DataSnipper is exactly what we were looking for. The ability to identify and export information in PDF files without having to type it out manually is a real game changer. The time savings for us are enormous. My team and I can no longer imagine working without DataSnipper.

Hendrik Rathje, Partner at Möhrle Happ Luther


Möhrle Happ Luther found the answer to their needs in DataSnipper. The easy extraction of texts and tables from PDF documents using Text Snip and Table Snip respectively proved to be highly effective. Automatic cross-referencing between the documents and Excel files simplified the review process and file exchange. Implementing DataSnipper led to considerable time savings and enhanced team satisfaction, making it an essential part of the daily workflow.

Business Cases

Due Diligence Procedures

Möhrle Happ Luther has fully utilized the features of DataSnipper in due diligence projects. The DataSnipper Platform simplifies the process of reconciling due diligence questionnaires with client-provided documents. Combining the usage of Form Extraction and Document Matching enhances the accuracy and completeness of information checks. This application is especially beneficial for tax and business advisors during financial due diligence. DataSnipper's versatility is evident in its efficient support for repetitive manual tasks across various fields.

Tax Consulting

Möhrle Happ Luther employs DataSnipper primarily in the tax department to streamline the preparation and submission of tax returns as well as the compilation of annual financial statements. The Form Extraction feature has been particularly useful in this context. It allows the tax team to handle diverse forms efficiently and generate standardized company templates for repeated use within the organization. Moreover, the flexibility of Invoice and Form Extraction enhances value by adapting to the unique needs of various departments.

Revenue Recognition Checks

Document Matching is one of the most frequently used functions at Möhrle Happ Luther, especially for revenue recognition audits. This feature automates the evaluation and analysis of invoices and other documents provided by clients for sample audits. This makes the audit and review process considerably easier for auditors, as it enables direct allocation and referencing of the analyzed documents directly in Excel.

Measurable Impact

In just one quarter, the Möhrle Happ Luther team created an impressive 170,000 snips, saving around 740 hours. This significant time saving, especially on highly manual tasks, emphasizes the importance of DataSnipper in increasing process efficiency. These figures once again illustrate the effectiveness of DataSnipper's automation functions.

Möhrle Happ Luther

Time saved

Möhrle Happ Luther has achieved considerable time savings of up to 340 hours in just one quarter through the use of document matching alone. This success was achieved particularly in due diligence projects and extensive sample checks.

Automation for increased efficiency

The Snip features together with Document Matching and Form Extraction make it possible to efficiently extract large amounts of information from a wide variety of documents. This eliminates the need for manual data typing.

Simplified reviews

Reliable document management, combined with automated cross-referencing between Excel workbooks and related documents, greatly simplifies the review process for both the team and external stakeholders.

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