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Financial Statement Procedures

Use DataSnipper for your Financial Statement Procedures

How we help

DataSnipper automatically analyzes the financial statement and helps you to both perform and document all financial statement procedures, ready to include in your audit file!

Verify mathematical accuracy

Easily verify the mathematical accuracy of the figures in the financial statement. DataSnipper has analyzed the document for you and added suggestions of valid totals. Review the totals and mark them as validated. Work smarter; say goodbye to the calculator.

Review internal consistency

Easily review the internal consistency of the amounts in the financial statement. Quickly cross-reference amounts to its occurrences within the same document. Document your findings, easy to share and review.

Check prior year consistency

Easily review the previous year amounts in the financial statement. Quickly compare two financial statements and automatically search and validate the corresponding amounts between the different years.

Customize your tickmarks

Strengthen your documentation by creating custom tickmarks. Easily conform to your organization’s documentation standards. In addition, default tickmarks can be set at an organizational level. Allowing you to effectively document your findings!

Navigate through comments

With the comments tab, you can navigate through all comments. When you or your colleagues add a comment in the financial statement, it will be visible to everyone. Optimized for easy and quick communication.

Easily export findings

Instantly export your Financial Statement tickmarks, findings and highlights. Ready to include in your audit file. Automatically include a summary page for your client to brief them about your findings. Handy.

Automatically check version changes

New version changes? No problem! DataSnipper has highlighted every single change between two financial statements for you.

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