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Everything you need to know about DataSnipper v5.0

March 2, 2023

Introducing the latest version of the DataSnipper platform, delivering new features and improvements guaranteed to boost your productivity and audit quality.
Below we’ll walk you through the latest updates to show you exactly what you can expect from platform version 5.0.

 In case you're new here and don't know what DataSnipper is:

DataSnipper is an intelligent audit platform within Excel that accelerates the speed and quality of your audit. Specialized in automating and easily documenting tests of details, tests of controls, walkthroughs, and financial statement procedures.

What's new in the DataSnipper Platform?

Introducing: Document Organizer

What's the first thing you do when opening DataSnipper? Import and manage your documents!
That's why in DataSnipper version 5.0 we've made this even easier by introducing Document Organizer. This handy new tool allows you to drag and drop your files to bulk import, then lets you separate your documents into folders in an organized manner. Increase efficiency by using the search bar to identify documents in an instant.


Document Matching Upgrade

In version 5.0 Document Matching has had an exciting upgrade, in both the appearance and performance, making it a must use feature to boost productivity and reduce your manual work.

  • Document Matching now automatically selects the output columns for data to be extracted, while also providing the option to manually enter them for full control.
  • Using advanced settings, you can amplify your matches based on your set requirements
    such as setting a field to be required, setting a threshold based on a percentage, or
    enabling fuzzy text matching.
  • New force matching options allows you to tailor your matches in a more efficient way
    e.g. You can set DataSnipper to only match items if all inputs are found on the same
    page or the same row of a table.


Introducing: Templates in Document Matching

Alongside Form Extraction templates, you can now create and use templates in Document Matching. Simply start a new document match and you'll have the option to save it as a template for future use. By importing new documents to your saved template, Document Matching will now automatically match the designated columns for you. A real win for automation which will have you and your team saving even more time.

Featured Templates

To get you started, DataSnipper put together a variety of featured templates based on the most common use cases. The standardized templates decrease your manual work while increasing efficiency, saving you crucial time and effort.

Company Templates

To boost standardization across your organization, authorised users can also share company templates, ensuring that all users work on your methodology approved templates.

Introducing: Document Viewer Toolbar

Organize your documents directly on the Document Viewer. Choose the folder you would like to see with Folder selector and search through your documents with the document search bar. To move things even faster, you can now snip data directly from the document viewer with the Snipping toolbar.

Introducing: Settings Menu

With the new settings menu, you can now change DataSnipper’s default behaviour on a user level, giving you the flexibility to customize aspects of the DataSnipper platform according to your preferences.


Financial Statement Suite

Not forgetting, some exciting updates to our add-on module in version 5.0 - the Financial Statement Suite.

Suggested Tickmarks

When verifying mathematical accuracy, internal consistency and prior-year consistency, DataSnipper automatically places suggestions of valid totals and errors. By hovering over, you can quickly analyse the suggestions and place tickmarks – while staying in full control.

Apply the suggested tickmarks across a page, the entire document or add manually, leaving you in control. This option can be enabled or disabled on a company level, allowing you to customize your own experience.


Knowledge Base

We've updated our Knowledge Base to improve your overall DataSnipper user experience.
The extensive Knowledge Base now contains troubleshooting articles, updated feature articles, and new use cases.

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Happy Snipping! 

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