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Everything you need to know about DataSnipper v4.1

September 8, 2022

More automation, friendly interface, and overall efficiency. DataSnipper version 4.1 offers a variety of updates that will accelerate your audit procedures while increasing overall audit quality.

In this blog, we will deep dive into what features are released within Platform version 4.1 and how you can benefit from it.


In case you are new here and don't know what DataSnipper is:

DataSnipper is an intelligent audit platform within Excel that accelerates the speed and quality of your audit. Specialized in automating and easily documenting tests of details, tests of controls, walkthroughs, and financial statement procedures.

What's new in the DataSnipper Platform?

Form Extraction has never been friendlier

The new user interface allows users to easily navigate and use Form Extraction. On the start page, you have quick access to your templates folder; a folder that includes all your saved extractions. When you start a new extraction, you can select or import the documents you would like to use. Additionally, it is now easier to navigate through the preview panel, add and rename multiple extractions, and edit extraction keys.



Saving templates in Form Extraction

It is now possible to save the extractions you created as templates in Form Extraction.

  • Once you create a new form extraction, DataSnipper will give you the option to save it as a template for future use.
  • The templates will save you a lot of time when you need to extract multiple data from documents with the same structure again.
  • Simply by importing new documents to your saved template, DataSnipper will automatically extract the data for you.
  • When saving your templates, giving a title and a description will allow you to easily structure your templates folder.


Featured Templates

To save you more time, DataSnipper put together a variety of featured templates based on the most commonly used forms. The standardized templates decrease your manual work while increasing efficiency.


Company Templates

Sharing is caring. Your individual saved templates can be shared across your organization, ready to be used by everyone. Your colleagues can automatically run Form Extraction by simply importing their documents.


Table Snip Suggestions

DataSnipper now automatically recognizes the documents that contain tables and provides suggestions to Table Snip. With the added button on the document viewer, you can extract the suggested table or group of tables to your Excel workbook. Fewer clicks, more automation. 



Introducing: Metrics Dashboard

Metrics Dashboard provides key performance indicators of your audit teams’ DataSnipper Platform usage. These metrics help managers to understand the adoption rates, keep track of audit teams’ performance, pinpoint areas to improve, and measure the impact of DataSnipper.

The recent update allows you to choose a specific time frame to analyze DataSnipper usage metrics on the Metrics Dashboard.


Knowledge Base

We have updated our Knowledge Base to improve your overall DataSnipper user experience. Knowledge Base now contains troubleshooting articles, updated feature articles, and new use cases.


Curious how DataSnipper can bring value to your company? Check out MNP's success story on achieving their mission with standardized documentation and intelligent automation by replacing repetitive tasks, increasing quality and efficiency.

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Happy Snipping! 

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