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Everything you need to know about DataSnipper v6.0

February 22, 2024

Introducing the latest version of the DataSnipper platform, delivering new features and improvements guaranteed to boost your productivity and quality.

Below we’ll walk you through the latest updates to show you exactly what you can expect from DataSnipper Platform version 6.0.

In case you're new to DataSnipper:

Drive company growth and resilience with DataSnipper’s AI-powered Intelligent Automation Platform in Excel that helps boost productivite and increase efficiencies in your audit and finance procedures.

What's new in the DataSnipper Platform?

Co-authoring: Say hello to optimal collaboration

With DataSnipper v6.0, we are thrilled to usher in a new era of collaboration with Co-authoring.

What is Co-authoring? Simple! Collaborate in real-time and synchronize your data and Snips within the same workbook. You can now simultaneously extract and validate data using Snips while seeing changes made by fellow collaborators in real-time. To get started, all you need to do is simply import source documents from a SharePoint folder accessible to all users. Eliminate the need for time-consuming communication loops, and enable easy alignment and effective collaboration with relevant stakeholders.

Upgraded Table Snip - Extract with a single click!

Table Snip with DataSnipper v6.0 is looks better than ever before with its enhanced user experience!

  • With the Table Snip, you can now easily extract any selected or all tabular data from PDFs into Excel at once. Previously, DataSnipper recognized sequential tables of similar formatting. Now, you can extract all tables in a document, regardless of varied formats and sizes with the Table Snip.
  • DataSnipper recognizes documents that contain tables and is able to extract large tables across multiple pages with one click. Source information of snipped tables is visible in a column alongside the tabular data
  • Table Snip now also automatically recognizes headers in snipped tables instantly. This way, your table retains it original format even after extraction!
  • Adjust row and column sizes on your extracted table within Excel effortlessly.  You can now use Sliders to edit rows and columns to custom preferences within the source document itself.

Non-Latin OCR - Say good-bye to copy-pasting text

Our Optical Character Recognition AI technology now has the improved capability to process documents in Non-Latin languages read from left to right - think Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, and more! This enables you to search and extract text even from handwritten documents.

Say good-bye to copy-pasting text. To activate Non-Latin OCR support for your organization, reach out to your Customer Success Manager. Expand the realm of data extraction possibilities globally!

Introducing Version Compatibility - Simplifying seamless collaboration

We updated the way we store our data from Version 6 of DataSnipper and beyond; don’t worry, we simply transitioned from one secure system to another. As reflection of this change, you may notice a new button called ‘Convert file to old version’ on DataSnipper v6. Let’s tell you why its there.

On workbooks with DataSnipper v6, simply click on the new “Convert the file to old version” button to export your workbook in a compatible format. Your team can easily access the modified Snips, cross-referenced data, etc, regardless of the DataSnipper version they currently use.

Introducing the Onboarding Panel - Hit the ground running

With our new Onboarding Panel, new users can be swiftly onboarded by viewing animations on how to use certain DataSnipper features. You can watch these animations to quickly see certain DataSnipper features in action for the first time when you start your DataSnipper journey, and hit the ground running!

Try it out for yourself!

👉 Would you like to try out DataSnipper for yourself? Start your 14-day free trial of the DataSnipper Platform here!

👉 Already using DataSnipper? Upgrade to version 6.0 by contacting your Customer Success Manager to learn more about the installation process.

Happy Snipping!

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